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Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier (1912-1996) was a member of the resistance until 1942 when she was arrested, and sent first to Birkenau on 24 Jan 1943, then Ravensbruck. Marie-Claude remained at Ravensbruck even after the war, caring for the sick until the last POW left. Her powerful testimony at Nuremberg was devastating to the defence.An ever-present at those metaphorical water coolers, it has taken over from where The Sopranos and The Wire left off, leading armchair analysts to probe the motives of one of the greatest male characters in television history, Walter White (Bryan Cranston).Le "Journal d'Anne Frank" ne tombera pas dans le domaine public en 2016 Voir cette épingle et d'autres images dans Amazing people par Becky Holmquist. The next step will be for students to read a section of the book.Porţiunea traseului care duce spre Condriţa şi oferă scorenenilor ieşirea directă spre Capitală, în sfîrşit va fi reparată. Banii pentru reparaţie au fost alocaţi de primăria satului împreună cu localnicii.

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